Trade Agreements In Ax 2009

Thanks for the overview. I appreciate the time it has come for us to explain the various trade agreements. You will find that the options you have will change depending on the decisions you make when entering the book of trade. 8. Trade agreements can also be established for a particular lender, article or group. However, there is a point to note: in 4.0 (I`m not sure that has changed in later versions), only trade agreements are used for items for which a standard creditor has been made available for their article data set. Thus, the Kreditor 0001 is chosen the basic planning would be solely on trade agreements for this lender, making it quite useless IMHO. 11. To add a specific trade agreement to an order or order, go to the lines and enter the item. The article is set up automatically to meet the criteria of the existing trade agreement. I would like to export the trade agreement I have established for a single specific Intercompany customer and import it into another corporate account than the trade agreement of a single specific intercompany customer. Item discount groups should be set up differently for each type of trade. Select an option in the „Show” drop-down field.

6. This form allows for the drafting of new trade agreements. Once a new trade agreement navigates the lines button in the price book header/discounts.-leaf. 4. Trade agreements can be established in all of the above group forms. The Trade Agreement button allows trade agreements to be established for any type of relationship. I`ve read the manual on trade agreements – but I have a hard time understanding how they are set up. It seems that there is more than one way for each method. Line discounts – Here you indicate the percentage discounts or as an amount. The discount is applied to the unit price, i.e. the price of the above price agreement. You can also set up different discounts depending on the amount ordered.

In this type of trade agreement, DAX only takes into account the quantity ordered in a single command post. Example – I sell Cola, Sprite and Fanta and I would like to give my customers a 10% discount if they buy 3 bottles of a product (I give athe discount if you buy 3 bottles Sprite or 3 Bottles Fanta, but I will not give the discount if they buy 2 bottles sprite and 1 Fanta).