Equipment Supply And Installation Agreement

This contract is intended to be used by a homeowner or self builder who makes an agreement with a company for the supply and installation of devices. The contract can be used for a variety of supplies, for example. B a winter garden, kitchen or swimming pool. Who can use these delivery and installation conditions? These delivery and installation conditions are designed to be used by a company that supplies and installs devices. The supplier could be a… Price and payment. In the case of a delivery contract, there is often a down payment and the levels and payment amounts are set in the supplier`s offer. The contract includes a form of contract, unilateral terms and schedules that contain information about the devices to be supplied and installed, as well as the contract price and payment details. The terms and conditions contain 13 clauses dealing with issues such as on-site work, price and payment, modifications and delays, underwriting and defaults, insurance and compensation, termination and settlement of disputes. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Acceptance of the offer by the client means that the parties have a reasonable contract under which delivery and installation services are provided. This helps protect the interests of customers and suppliers. The contract includes a form of unilateral contract, terms of sale (7 pages). There are also some timetables to finalize. These contain details on which devices to provide and install, as well as the contract price and payment terms. To avoid future disputes, both parties are advised to be very clear about the detailed scope of the services, the devices to be installed and the price – indeterminacy in the specifications leads to litigation rather than clarity. Who can use these terms and conditions for construction work? Any company that presents an offer of construction work to a potential customer and/or provides the conditions for which the work… The customer is responsible for giving the supplier access to the website if it needs it and for providing facilities such as secure storage of appliances, power supply, etc. The responsibility for obtaining planning permissions rests with the client. These standard conditions, designed from the supplier`s point of view, are designed as a model for any supplier or contractor responsible for the supply and installation of equipment, especially when the work is to be carried out on the client`s premises. Transfer – Responsibility.

The supplier will probably accept a post-delivery period, during which defects will need to be corrected, probably six months. However, if there is a manufacturer`s warranty, unless the defect is due to the supplier`s work and not the device, it is up to the customer to contact the manufacturer directly. Our contract contains a clause that aims to exclude any liability of the supplier after the expiry of the default period. The customer agrees to pay the supplier the sum of N __________________as consideration for the supply and installation of the devices. This must be tailored to the particular circumstances, but according to our clause, the customer is responsible for the insurance of equipment and services and the supplier must maintain public liability insurance and employer liability. The customer`s obligations probably include the need for the customer to access the website if necessary, as well as all specified/agreed equipment. This could include storage and supply of electricity/water, etc.