Agreement For Democracy

Let me know you. In the Treaty of Democracy, it is the citizens who ultimately decide what the treaty will be and the people must impose the discipline to work their part of the treaty. To fulfill their contract, voters need to know what their convention is doing. These days, it`s not as simple as it sounds. c. the contribution of local and regional autonomy to the strengthening of democracy. We can make a number of assumptions to explain this result. Perhaps democracy does not have a strong effect on trade. Despite our own evidence, the variables that represent democracy could be correlated with many other effects and, in particular, at the level of development. We hold the main statement in the fact that the democratic provisions in the EPZs could also be ineffective in the liberalisation of the political system. In many democratic agreements, developed countries are already involved in strong and well-established democracies, and they have no reason to improve trade through an institutional channel. Perhaps that is why the democratic provisions of the South-South agreements are more commercial.

A „slight” democratic provision without sanctions or counter-parties could not improve political regimes in autocratic countries. (3) In order to disseminate the fundamental values of the rule of law, human rights and democracy, the Commission encourages the creation of similar institutions in other parts of the world, can establish links with them and implement common programmes in their field of activity. We Cubans, aware of the need for transcendental change in the political, social and economic structures of our country, gather beyond our multiple liberation strategies to affirm before our people and the international community the main assumptions that support the democratic alternative to the despotism that currently prevails in our homeland. We affirm that the Cuban nation is a nation, within the national territory and in the diaspora. We believe that all Cubans have the right to be equal before the law and the nation, with a dignity full of dignity, which cannot be discriminated against. We also understand that the current regime has not been able to ensure freedom and justice and promote human well-being and solidarity in our country. That is why, from that moment on, we create this by a broad national consensus and as a clear alternative to the current repression: agreements for democracy in Cuba. We recognize as the fundamental principle of the new Republic that Cuba is one and independent, whose sovereignty is within the people and operates through the effective exercise of a multi-party representative democracy, which is the government of the majority with absolute respect for the minority.

All governments must respect the sovereignty of the people, which is why, at the end of the current tyrannical regime, the provisional or provisional government is obliged to restore sovereignty to the people by the following measures: but something fundamental has changed over the years, something that has changed the provisions of the Treaty on Democracy. Increasingly, bills came to Parliament to vote on a „closed rule,” leaving no chance of amending them. Instead of the participants in the legislative process creatively amending bills through amendments, we were asked to be distributors with „yes” or „no” stamps. The old treaty of democracy has been violated – and it is broken.