Afl Additional Services Agreement

Given the continuing uncertainties regarding the impact of COVID in 2021, the AFL and AFLpa have also agreed on a 2021 system in which players will participate in the upward financial trend if the sector`s actual football revenues exceed the AFL`s current forecasts and the overall amount of the sector should be lower than the AFL`s forecast. As part of the revised agreement, the AFL and AFLPA also agreed to establish a working group to examine future revenue-generating opportunities, such as revised play and revised rules on independent agreements and trade restrictions for players. AFL General Manager Gillon McLachlan praised the 2021 variant and thanked AFL CEO Paul Marsh and AFL players for their full collaboration during the 2020 season and their willingness to work with the AFL and clubs to prepare for 2021. „I want to thank Paul and all the stakeholders for the sacrifices they have made this year and for their continued commitment to keeping our industry sustainable and strong while continuing to work on the continuing challenges of the Covid pandemic,” said McLachlan. „Our players have been fantastic in their approach to the game, and while everyone in the industry has had to endure pain, we recognize the importance of the players and the need to ensure that we have a system that continues to attract and retain the best athletes in the country.” AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh thanked the players for their commitment to the game in securing a revised CBA. „We believe this is a fair agreement that recognizes the role that players continue to play in continuing the sector`s growth, despite the continuing challenges of COVID-19,” Marsh said. „The players take their partnership with the industry very seriously, and the result of the revised CBA reflects this, while minimizing the impact on the pay of individual players.” What is important is that there will be no cuts to programs and services that support mental health and player development off the field, as well as the Injury Fund to support our former players. „During an incredibly difficult year for everyone, I would like to thank the players for their willingness to buy everything that was launched for them, while we have been working all year on a number of complex issues, and Gill and the AFL for the importance given to the gaming group in deciding on a fair offer for the players and the game.” This topic should be a deep immersion in the nuts and screws of the AFL`s new collective agreement. Something in the sense of the column I wrote in February 2016, when the League and the AFL Players Association were to begin negotiations, which were to be concluded in a few months. For the 2021 AFL season, a new collective agreement has been introduced, which aims to reduce primary lists to 38 and player payments.